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A macro is a method of combining several actions together into one keystroke. It is easy to imagine how effective this would be in PvP, where speed is so essential. This is especially important for Arms and Protection Warriors. A good macro to do this will also allow you to switch weapons as you switch stances: one handed weapon and shield for Defensive Stance, two handed weapon for Battle and Berserker Stances.

If the warrior is not using potions, he is missing out on a huge advantage. Healing potions are the obvious one, but browsing the Auction House will turn up many potions that the Warrior can utilize well.

A Swiftness potion is great to run down a long range attacker.

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A Haste potion in the hands of a Fury Warrior is fear incarnate. A Free Action Potion makes you immune to movement impairers and stuns. The only downside is a long cool down, usually of two minutes. During this time, the warrior can not use Healing Potions to heal himself and becomes reliant on other players to heal him. Remember that when in PvP the players are facing off against other players with emotions opposed to a computer.

A good taunting can do wonders towards giving the warrior the advantage. An effective strategy in battlegrounds is to set up an ambush using a rogue, a stealthed druid, or a night elf in Shadowmeld.

If he takes the bait, switch to Defensive Stance and take his attack. The enemy will have no one to blame but his own stupidity. The important advice to remember is to think outside the box. Use a Noggenfogger Elixir to look like the enemy. Use a Limited Invisibility Potion to scout them. Bite, kick, scratch, and do what ever you can to gain the advantage over the enemy.

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Guidelines for Content Creators. Calling all Priest Question self. Did you have a non-priest character help? If so, how did they avoid summoning the elite chosen one to kill you?? The easiest way to cheese it is having other Priests with Eye of Divinity equipped stand on the mound with Eris.

For doing it solo, I also recommend using a Mechanical Yeti as they're helpful for killing stray solo skeletons. Yep, that seems to be a valid tactic.What combination of asset volatility and fast-car returns is in store for ? In the June issue of Institutional InvestorI described a reference scenario of the events that global macro traders believed to be moving markets last year, based on a two-day conference at Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire, England.

With the benefit of hindsight, how did these scenario events actually play out, and how skillfully did our traders predict the four outcomes? Are the same cyclical and secular drivers of these events still at work? Looking forward, will these be the four key variables in ? One branch leading from this decision is moderate economic recovery, reflation of price levels, sustained U.

The U. According to International Monetary Fund forecasts, the U. Consensus forecasts for U. The benefits of QE may still be a dangerous illusion in the minds of many financial professionals and has encountered a groundswell of political opposition in the Republican Party.

But all indications are that the dominant dove faction on the Federal Reserve Board is keeping this option open. This trend has brought us to the point in many of these countries where debt levels are stifling GDP growth, according to economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff.

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The other possible outcome is a hard landing: growth around 5 percent, with persistent inflation and expansion of net exports. On average, the traders assigned a 57 percent probability to the soft-landing path and 43 percent to a hard landing, with a standard deviation of 19 percent. The dominant view argued that the leaders in Beijing had a lot of tools at their disposal to drive the economy in the direction they wanted it to land, including ownership of the banking system and a cushion of several trillion dollars in foreign exchange reserves.

The traders were on the money, on average. We are still in soft-landing territory, with Chinese real growth expected to hit 9. This growth was achieved by sustained high levels of domestic investment and by net exports, although the ratio of net exports to GDP declined from 3. There is considerable uncertainty about the real rate of inflation, given doubts about the accuracy of reported consumer price index figures: Official inflation is running at somewhere between 5 and 6 percent 6.

Cyclically, the Chinese face the same trade-offs noted in my last article.I am leveling a prot warrior I know I know… and beside the outrageous miss rates and constant lack of rage I am still tanking all the way to I can manage pretty much everything but i often go in trouble when i have to pull large groups of mobs last part of Uldaman or last part of RFD.

At the first aoe spell I have to start to run after mobs and things get difficult.

Classic Feral Druid Tank Enchants and Consumables

Sometimes its just a struggle. Im like you, I want every mob glued to me. Its more vanity than it being actually necessary is some cases, though I use dragonsbreath chili and oil of immolation when the initial bursts from the dps comes too early.

Without having any factual grounds to base anything off other than leveling as prot in vanilla and hybrid in classic, Id still say that being prot is detrimental to your threat generation, but you obviously heard that before So who cares, personal flavour is more important.

Check out some of the low- to midlevel dungeon tanking videos on Youtube post demo nerfthey all suffer from the same thing. My bet is that youre doing fine with what you have, sometimes mobs gets away from you.

Its all part of the game. Relax and enjoy your tank, its the only way to play. What do you do in those situations? You run after the runners or you just let the group handle it? Experienced warriors can correct me my limited warrior tanking experience is post People are in general too prone to AoE off the bat.

Tell them to wait a few seconds and pay a bit of attention, and if they still insist on pulling right away let them tank the pack. Some people use taunt early to have a mob glued while not doing anything. A max rank battle shout produces 70 threat before modifiers to each person it buffs but this threat is split between the mobs like a heals threat is so demo shout becomes more effective the more mobs there are as it produces a flat 43 threat to each mob it hits, battle shout being effective is also reliant on your full party being close enough to actually receive the buff so demo shout is usually just easier to apply.

Have not tanked in a long time, but in general it feels like before in vanilla people had more patience in giving you some time to build up aggro.

I would not run after every loose mob tbh, but instruct players that get a mob on them to move towards you if they can not handle it themselves.

So you can pick it back without having to go all over the place being a less effective tank. It might not be your group but most of the time unless the group leader takes it upon themselves you call the shots.Useful macros Macro commands.

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The conditional for Metamorphosis warlock is [form:2]. Substitute your preferred pet Voidwalker, Felhunter, etc for Petname. The following variation, based on Nicodeamus' "Summon Demons" macro lower on this page, additionally combines all Summon spells into one macro; hold shift for Voidwalker, ctrl for Succubus, alt for Felhunter, or no mod for Imp. If you assign it the "? This macro allows you to use a "buff on use" trinket, cast Hellfire, and use your Voidwalker's Sacrifice for some added protection all in one button.

A good opener for boss fights. This places all of the Metamorphosis specific spells onto one button. Clicking with no modifiers will trigger Metamorphosis on the first click and Immolation Aura on the second click. Metamorphosis does not trigger the Global Cooldown however you will still need to click twice to trigger Immolation due to it's requirement that the Meta be active to cast.

When activated, this will use any available trinket, cast Metamorphosiscast Demonic Empowerment when an Imp or Felguard is summoned, and cast your regular spell.

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Change all occurrences of Curse of Agony to the spell of your choice. This version allows for focus casting when the ALT key is held. Without holding alt, casts on your current target. Both versions will stop error messages from appearing on your screen but audible messages will still occur so you may wish to turn off Error Speech in the sound options. This version will turn the error speech off during the casting and back on once it is done.

It will NOT remove the visual error messages. This macro combines the two macros above primarily for maximum demonology AoE dps output. This version allows control of 'Demon Form' with one button and prevents error messages appearing on screen for this macro if trinkets etc are on cooldown. Note: error speech will still occur. Simply spam the macro until the end, then when your DoTs fall off, press again three times four times if you're using the Glyph of Life Tap.

Warrior Strategies:Using PvP World of Warcraft Macros

If you're moving around a lot and the macro gets stuck in the middle, you'd hold shift to start the macro from the beginning. In between using this macro, spam Incinerate, or Soul Fire when Decimation is active. The macro also automatically makes your pet attack your target and activates Demonic Empowerment which can be fit in outside of the cast sequence since it's not on the GCD.

Oil Water and Soap Bubble Photography Tips - Macro Photography Tutorial

I found this macro to be useful. Every pet has some active skills, which want to be accessen quickly. So why not put one active skill from every pet on the same button? This macro binds your incinerate with your Imp's firebolt.

Very useful if you spam your spells; Imp effectively casts quicker. Can also be used with other spells so that you are constantly spamming the Imp's firebolt. Cast's " Curse of the ElementsSacrificeand Hellfire.

Only should be used when the voidwalker is out and when the cooldown meter is at zero. This is essentially a "Nuke Button" to maximize damage to the enemy while minimizing damage to you. The name comes from a scene in "Kingdom Hearts II" Where a character by the name of Axel suicide attacked the enemy by setting himself on fire.

However, Sacrifice should keep you from dying in a fiery inferno of death. Casts the tier 5 selected talent. This macro will change the icon to the selected talent upon changing. Casts the tier 7 selected talent. Where X is talent row, and Y is column, for example tier 7 is lvl talent and column 1 is talent on the left first one.

This will automatically select your preferred flying or ground mount depending on where you are you will need to have cold weather flying for this to work in Northrend.Forgot your password?

One of the biggest differences between Classic and other iterations of WoW is the widespread usage of consumables. There are few limits to how many consumables you can use, and consumables can be incredibly powerful. Consumables can be extremely useful in all aspects of the game and can be the difference in PvPas well as raiding. Below is a list of all the possible consumables that you would be able to get and make use of as a Feral Druid.

While some of them are very powerful and highly recommended, you can use as many or as few as you want. All of the raids are possible without using every available consumable, although some guilds will choose to make use of lots of consumables to make the content easier. Similarly, you can PvP without consumables, but you may be at a disadvantage over other players who choose to make use of them.

World buffs are buffs that you will not be able to get on your own. Generally, these are buffs you will go and get with your guild if you want to stack all possible buffs for a raid. Generally, these require some sort of raid-related activity to obtain. While this guide lists all of the potentially useful consumables that you could ever make use of, you most likely will not need more of them. This is the shorter list for what are considered the most important consumables to have while raiding.

It is also critical to remember that Feral Tanks cannot use most consumables while in Dire Bear Form! To use consumables, you will need to switch out of Bear Form, which means it is only possible while another tank is tanking the enemies.

This means your ability to use consumables is severely limited, and you can only use them at times when you are not in much danger anyways. This list includes your most important defensive buffs with the option of some of the betters and more efficient offensive buffs for threat generation. You can always choose to change these out for more offensive suited buffs, such as adding the other jujus in, if you feel like you want to do more damage or need the extra threat generation.

It is also important to realize that the first raid is Molten Corewhere the most common type of damage you will take is Fire damage. Some of the harder bosses, such as Ragnaroscan deal lots of Fire damage, and you might want to consider having these defensive Fire Resistance consumables, just in case you need them.

Potions all share a cooldown. You cannot use multiple potions at the same time, and when you use a potion, it will start its cooldown for all potions. That being said, it is still useful to have multiple potions in your bags for different situations. Being in combat does not affect your potion cooldown or availability. Flasks have a restriction, which is that you can only have one flask active at any given time.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform.

Read more here.

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Gri'lek summoned Hazza'rah summoned Renataki summoned Wushoolay summoned. Sent to Zul'Gurub to stop Hakkar the Soulflayershe was turned by the blood god and had to be slain at the Zandalari's behest. If the High Priestess Arlokk is not killed before encountering Hakkarlike other high priests around the Zul'gurub will grant Hakkar special abilities if they are still alive and that will make the fight near impossible.

High Priestess Arlokk special power is:. Each priest was a powerful champion of the Primal Gods, or loabut despite their best efforts, they fell under the sway of Hakkar and were forced to channel power into the blood god. Ultimately, Arlokk and the other priests were slain by the adventurers who entered the city, and killed Hakkar. Two tanks in the 'pens' places with straw and fencea druid and shaman facing them with their backs to the wall on side of the room with the gong, MT in the middle of the room, ready to gain aggro on Arlokk, and the rest of the raid with their backs to the wall with the big shield on it.

High Priestess Arlokk is spawned by hitting the gong in her room. She spawns near the entrance to the room in priest form using [ Shadow Word: Pain ] and standard melee attack.

She can also Gouge while in humanoid form, so you'll want an offtank near the back of the room ready to taunt and bring her back. Have your tank get her to the back of the room near the rest of the group and start the DPS as soon the tank calls it.

You want to end the fight quickly so you're healers don't run out of mana or get killed by her opener. Immediately upon engaging her, multiple level 60 non-elite panthers spawn from cages on each side of the room, about one every 5 seconds.

Do NOT bother killing the panthers, as they will respawn indefinitely. The panther spawns are stealthed and will path out around the fence towards the back of the room with the big shield on the wall and the rest of the raid. Your tanks in the pens will have to gain aggro on the panthers and hold them for the duration of the fight. Have both the tanks in the pens use Bloodrage as the fight begins and stand at the inside or end of the fence ready to smack the first panther that comes by them.

Let the 'pen' tanks keep getting panthers from his cage until they can start spamming Demoralizing shouts. Once they do this, they can stop attacking and just stand there, spamming Demoralizing Shout, which will aggro any panthers spawning in the cage and the others they are holding.

To neutralize a lot of the damage, have the shaman near that tank be in his group and have him lay Stoneskin totem. The druid can lay some HoTs and whatever else they want to do to keep the 'pen' tanks up, but make sure they conserve mana for the most part because the fight can be long.

High Priestess Arlokk has the ability to 'mark' someone, which looks like a large V over their head. This is usually a person with a high amount of aggro and can sometimes be the 'pen' tank or their healers if that is the case, have a healer from the back come up and take the spot of the marked healer since the marked healer might die.


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